Meet the Creative Team Behind Our Titles


CB Zane

A freelance artist who's worked on successful indie comics such as Big Dog ink's "Penny for Your Soul" and the creator of his own popular title "Into the Suck". CB is the face man for Lili: The Demoness' covers.

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Ylenia Di Napoli

A professional colorist that has worked with many top artist and publishers like  Zenescope Entertainment. Ylenia does all of the coloring for the internal pages for Lili: The Demoness.

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Brian Brinlee

An Internal Artist that is the guts to our Lili: The Demoness series. He is currently working on his own title called "Steam Dogs".

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Joseba Morales

An Illustrator with several years’ experience, working in children’s books illustration and comic-books.  Joseba has worked to bring our stories to life in every issue of Whispers In Necropolis series.

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Luis Torres

The creative mind behind Lili: The Demoness as well as chapters in Whispers In Neccropolis. Luis has also worked on titles like Bangin Bunz from Evoluzion and Michael Mettlen's Kane from Advent Comics.

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Nicoleta Stavarache

A freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist. Nicoleta is the cover artist for the Whispers In Necropolis series. She also helped design most of the characters in our popular Lili: the Demoness series. 

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Mary Bellamy

 A professional licensed artist working on such properties as My  Little Pony, Marvel, DC Comics, Adventure Time and more.

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Courtney Rose

A freelance artist / illustrator  who has worked with many successful indie publishers. Coutney's portraits has even been acknowledged  by celebrities such as Kat Von D.

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Troy Vevasis

 A freelance writer that has created works such as Mr. Crypt from Alterna Comics. Troy has written chapters for our horror anthology, Whispers In Necropolis.  

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