Lucianna "Ace" Acevedo  and  Riley "Starlet" Monroe  are two highly decorated military soldiers who are recruited by the Center for Abnormal & Unearthly Phenomenon (C.A.U.P) An arcane division run by the Department of Defense. 

Due to high reports of supernatural activity Ace and Starlet have recently been reassigned and relocated to Grimsmont City. They are planted at "Wicked Spirits", a bar located in the lower part of the city. The facility is rumored to be run by a demonic crime boss and her gang of thugs called "The Oni". The girls are disguised  under the ruse of a flirtatious bartender and a sassy waitress working at Wicked Spirits.  With the help of their portable C.I.D. – Centralized Informative Database, a supercomputer, their mission is to gather intel on the mysterious crime boss and to eradicate the threat of any and all supernatural creatures along the way.


About Bangin' Bunz


Ace and Starlet's debut


Ace and Starlet was first seen in a book called Bangin' Bunz. Codex Entertainment, llc was commission to create and write the book for Evoluzione Publishing in the spring of 2018.

Bangin' Bunz #1 was released in early 2019 by Evoluzion Publishing and Spotti Entertainment. 


  • #1 - Make My Bloodsucker Well Done
  • #2 - All Wrapped Up In Drama