Crying Jack


The vengeful ghosts of Jack Turner. A 16 year old boy who was  accidentally killed by his physically abusive step father who also  murdered Jack’s mother. Any child in an abusive home or being bullied  can use a special chant to summon Crying Jack to punish the one or ones  causing that child harm.

Personality Traits

Body Type

A  homemade grey pullover hoodie that is two sizes too big. One sleeve is  longer than the other. Dark blue jeans and dirt white sneakers.

A straight razor

His iris and pupil of his left eye is colored a dead light grey
He  has a long thick bleeding red scars that go vertically across his eyes.  The blood of the scar look as though they are tears running down his  face
His right eye is a bright blue
There are zombie like dark circles around both eyes
His skin is a pale grey
His hair is dark brown and is styled a semi-long emo cut. ood place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.