Lili Ardat


The Demoness. One of the fallen angels cast out of Heaven with The Angel  Lucifer after losing the “Great War” with the divine. She abandons her  duties as a warrior of Hell and place at The Angel Lucifer’s side to  battle demons on earth and sending them back to Hell along with the  human souls destined for Hell. Her hopes are that she can earn her way  back into Heaven but in this quest she is having a hard time  understanding what it takes to be "divine".

Personality Traits
Obscene and Rude

Body Type
Slim and athletic

Decorative opened navel corset and dark yellow skirt. Right glove and left battle bracelet. Black army style boots

Red Jeweled Sword and three bladed Lance
Thigh strap for small throwing blades
(Earth  Plane Only Abilities) Telekinesis,  Lighting fast speed, Super  strength, instant regeneration / healing, able to turn herself into a  mist

Features (Human Form)
Shoulder length dark brown hair she wears in a ponytail
Thin eye brows
Symbol of the Demoness on her back