Additional Information

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth Riley was groomed into the next big star. This sexy and witty California girl has always reached top of her classes and always has smart something to say. Against her parents wished Riley was accepted and joined the U.S. Navy Seals where she excelled even more. During that time she was recruited by the C.A.U.P. 

Personal Information
Name: Riley J. Monroe
Code Name: Starlet

Agent Number: 1-L419-G81
Birthplace: Santa Monica, CA
D.O.B.: Show as redacted
Parents: Mother – Beatrice E. Monroe (deceased)
Father – Carlton F. Monroe (deceased)

Backgrounds / Traits
Military background: Navy Seals
Specializes in mixed martial arts & urban hand-to-hand combat
Spoken Languages: English, Russian, Gulf Arabic and Korean

Agency: C.A.U.P
Status: Active
Security Level: A1