Whispers in Necropolis is my  vision of a horror anthology comic book. 

Ever since I was a boy I've  wanted to make my own comic book series. I remember my cousin and I  trying to draw one out on notebook paper 20+ years ago.  For years I’ve  sat on ideas and on short stories that I've written. Just tucked away in  the back of my mind or on an old computer. The problem I've had in the  past was when I tell a person an idea or just sum up a story for them I  don’t think that they’re getting the same visual as I see in my mind.  The same scene being playing out. What better way to show the crowd  exactly what’s going on in my head than having it literally drawn out on  paper.

Whispers In Necropolis started printing in summer 2016. Since then three issues have been released with more on the way. The book had a very rough start but with each new issue the  fan base and popularity grows and grows.

Each book consists of four unique and twisted short stories told by Theodosia,  the ghastly "Storyteller". Plus one pinup poster drawn by talented  artists from around the world. All stories and characters, including  future ones, connect or mesh together in some way. It all takes place  in Grimsmont City home of the Grimsmont City University Reapers football  team. 


The Stories


 The  plan was simple for Edith and her lover David. Do in with her husband  William and collect the insurance money. David quickly learns that  things don’t always go according to plan when he gets lost at sea and is  seemingly left “high and dry”. 


 Still  shaken up Grimsmont City Homicide Detective Alabaster Sable tells his  tale, to the patrons at honey's bar, about his investigation of a string  of murders and his encounter with the mysterious woman Rose Fuchsia. 


 A  young couple is visiting the famous haunted house attraction just  outside of grimsmont city. They thought they were in for a night of fun  but little did they know they were in for a night of horror! The Killer  Hobo is watching and waiting for just the right time to strike. 


 Natalie  and Rachel are two bored high school outcasts looking for something to  do on the first night of summer vacation. Interested in the occult they  decide to try and communicate with spirits in an old cemetery. A bad  decision that will literally haunt them for the rest of their lives. 


 Beaten  and bruised twelve year old Brandon Little is given a special chant by  social worker, Isabella Luna, Which calls on a vengeful spirit of a  murdered boy to punish Brandon’s physically abusive father. 


 Dine  in or Carry Out at Mr. Townson’s Pizza & Games, where a beaten down  young Mitch is quickly moving his way up the ranks at this once failing  family restaurant thanks to a new pizza topping made of his own secret  recipe. The flesh of belligerent customers. 


 At  14 years old Frankie Martinez idolized his 17 year old hoodlum cousin  DD and his friends. The group encounters the legendary Lechuza. From  Mexican folklore this being is said to be a flesh eating witch that is  half woman & half owl. The creature stalks the gang of teenagers  picking them off one by one. 


 Humans dominate the planet. Animals don’t have feelings  or souls. Kill them for the fun of it. Test which ever chemicals you  want on them. Those lower lifeforms are meaningless. At least that’s  what Andy thinks. His new wife hopes that someday he can see the world  in a different way. Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.


 Grimsmont  City University student Linda Payne just cannot seem to get rid of her  fiancé Josh’s aggravating dog Vy. Not even death can break the  unconditional loyalty Vy has for her human companion. Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.



In  Abby's world looks are everything. If you've got it, you might as well  use it to your advantage. Using sex appeal, and a little help from  social media, Abby keeps her belly full, her apartment furnished and  money in the bank...but outer beauty doesn't last forever. A hard lesson  she'll soon learn after meeting 

her latest "toy".







Whispers in Necropolis #1


  1. Mr. Townson's Pizza & Games
  2. The Ballad of Crying Jack
  3. Lili: The Demoness
  4. Lechuza


Moonlight Grace


Whispers In Necropolis #2


  1. Fair Game
  2. Vy
  3. High & Dry
  4. The Divination


The Demoness.


Whispers In Necropolis #3


  1. The Case of the Scarlet Empire
  2. Feast Your Eyes
  3. The Killer Hobo


     The Lost Bros.

Whispers In Necropolis #3 trailer. Created by  our friends at Your Motion Comic.  Music provided by  Midnight Syndicate. Use with permission.