From the pages of Whispers in Necropolis, follow The Demoness Lili Ardat, one of the fallen angels cast out with The  Angel Lucifer after losing the “Great War” with the divine, and Madame  Grace Cervantes, psychic extraordinaire, on their battles with damned  souls and demonic entities in hopes to gain absolution for Lili so that  she may one day re-enter the kingdom of heaven. 


Lili: The Demoness started out as just a chapter in the horror  anthology  Whispers In Necropolis #1 back in 2016. It was originally  planned to be  just a few short stories here and there throughout future  issues of the  anthology. However Lili had gotten great feedback from  fellow indie  creators and reviewers I decided to take their advice and  give Lili her  very own series.  

On April 1st 2018 "Lili: The Demoness - Chapter 1: Revival" launch a  very successful Kickstarter campaign. It generated over $10,000 with  almost 300 backers.  With a rising fan base Lili again beat the goal and surpassing her previous issue. In March 2019 "Lili: The Demoness Chapter #2: Means of Grace" generated almost $17,000 in pledges

The story continues as Lili prepares herself to find redemption.


Lili Ardat's Debut

pages from Lli the demoness within whisers in necropols

Whispers In Necropolis #1

 In Summer of 2016, Codex Entertainment, llc release Whispers In Necropolis: A Horror Anthology. As one of the chapters of the book was Lili: the Demoness. Indie comic reviews and feedback from readers pushed for Lili to have her own series. I couldn't have been more pleased to hear it. 

Spring 2018

In the Spring of 2018 Lili: The Demoness Chapter 1 - Revival hit kickstarter with something fierce. The outcome and attraction was beyond words. The story began with the backstory of why Lili left Heaven and what happen to make her wanting to go back. The art style was originally going to stay the manga/anime style as it was in Whispers In Necropolis.